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   Janice (center, seated) with her writing students at Wildacres Writers Conference in North Carolina. Click on photo to see a larger version.   
Janice teaches privately because one of her greatest joys is working with individuals who are engaged by the written word. She will mentor and guide you in your creative process. She will endeavor to assist you, whenever possible, to meet your personal, literary, and publication goals.

She works with writers in person, as well as through the mail. She will work with you on short stories, novels, and creative nonfiction (personal essays and memoir).

Janice is also available to teach at writers conferences; in addition, she is available for Visiting Writer appointments at colleges and universities. You can contact Janice via email.

Read an interview with fiction writer DAVID BECKMAN on the experience of working closely with Janice as his WRITING MENTOR on

You can contact Janice about her private writing tutorials by emailing her at casajanice @ Please delete the spaces in this address before you use it. We're trying to reduce spam.

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Here are what a few of Janice Eidus' current and former students say:

   There is absolutely no one else like Janice Eidus. I learned essential insights into the writing process from her: from the nuts and bolts of rewriting – to the tenacity to bring a work of literature to completion – to the courage to hone my own vision and not let anyone or anything dilute it. There is simply no other creative writing teacher who has Eidus's passion, dedication, and wisdom. She is singular, and a treasure.
—Lisa Dierbeck, author, ONE PILL MAKES YOU SMALLER (Farrar, Strauss and Giroux)—nominated for the PULITZER PRIZE

   Janice Eidus is a first-rate reader and tutor. Her suggestions are always practical and quite specific. Thanks to her insightful comments, I have greatly improved my manuscripts. Unlike some readers, she is not in competition with the writers she works with. She is sincerely interested in helping them produce the best book possible. She is professional, encouraging, and always helpful. She returns corrected manuscripts promptly, enabling writers to get their rewrites done in a timely fashion. I highly recommend her tutorial services.
—Bárbara Mujica, author, FRIDA: A NOVEL (Overlook Press)

   A few years ago, I had the pleasure of taking a master level workshop taught by Janice Eidus at the prestigious Writers Community. Janice is a veteran writer, who appreciates how hard the process can be, and as a result has found ways to make it a little easier. With kindness, humor, and smarts, Janice considered and commented on our short stories and novel chapters, helping us to wrestle our sentences into shape, or get under the skin of our characters, or consider alternate possibilities. Janice is a cheerleader, a fairy godwriter, and an exacting critic all rolled into one.
—Beth Ann Bauman, author, BEAUTIFUL GIRLS (MacAdam/Cage)

   Janice's meticulous and sensitive editing helped me expand and develop my writing in ways I never expected. She is really an amazing resource and a joy to work with.
—Barbara Kantrowitz, Senior Editor, NEWSWEEK; Pushcart Prize nominee; fiction in BELLEVUE REVIEW and LITERAL LATTE

   Janice is a fine writing teacher. She offers consistent attention to detail in a relaxed, supportive setting. At the same time, her eye is ever on the big picture – a story's arc, theme and impact. She has very high standards, and unfailingly guides the student towards excellence. I've grown as a writer through my tutorials with Janice.
—David Beckman, author, UNDER PEGASUS (Derrynane Books); playwright, BECOMING WALT WHITMAN (produced by the Powerhouse Theatre in Santa Monica, California)

   Janice Eidus is a godsend to writers. She combines the insights and emotional support of a good shrink with the rigorous editing and commentary of a first-rate writing coach.

   Janice offers the disciplined writer a valuable collaboration. Her precise methods amplify the student's unique voice in an exciting way. Janice studies each story submitted, combining teaching notes in the margins of the manuscript with humor, curiosity, and praise. The student drives the process, offering rewrites or edits, until each story works as hard as it possibly can. I could not have hoped for a better partner to get the words I want to write on the page. And into print.
—Holly Farris, author, LOCKJAW (Gival Press).

   Working with Janice was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I was seen, respected, and honored as a writer. She quickly came to see my fatal flaws and pointed them out to me regularly, yet gently, all the while balancing her criticisms with specific, insightful praise. Her line edits were thoughtful and detailed and yet she always kept the arc of the story in mind. I left our sessions inspired and rededicated to the work. In addition to her skills as an editor, she was generous with seasoned advice on the business aspects of being a writer. She's funny too!
—Claire Jeffreys, represented by STERLING LORD LITERISTIC

   Janice has been a great mentor. I came to her with stories I'd been working on for years, and she helped me finish them.
—Michael Bahler, published in GLIMMER TRAIN and nerve

   Janice is a wonderful teacher who really listens to what I say I'd like to achieve and then helps me do it. Her highly skilled style of making honest, constructive suggestions provokes me into thinking about how a story may be strengthened or my writing style improved rather than telling me specifically what to do. I like the way Janice maintains the integrity of my work and doesn't try to reinvent it into what it might have been if she or someone else had written it.
    Janice's suggestions invariably strengthen the story or improve the style. She has the sensitivity to help me dig deeper, and to develop depths and insights that refine and enhance my work. I always look forward to her comments as I know that she won't undermine my confidence or leave me out on a limb, but will offer some concrete direction to take me forward. Whenever my interest or enthusiasm is flagging, Janice always seems to pull something out of a hat to inspire me. Thank you Janice.

   I think the best moments in writing are those spent with what I call "delicious thoughts" – thoughts that I truly care about and, at the same time, fill me with a sense of joy. Thinking about Janice Eidus is a "delicious thought." When I found Janice, I found my voice. Nothing can be more important to a writer. Janice has an amazing ability to join me in my head and see what I see. By sharing her talents and providing thoughtful encouragement when reams of crumpled paper surrounded me, Janice has made it possible for me to think of myself as a writer.
—Lynn Rosen, represented by TRIDENT MEDIA GROUP

   I feel fortunate to have found Janice Eidus as both mentor and friend. Her discerning, decisive but compassionate critiques, have helped me recognize my problems in delineating point of view as well as to curb my tendencies toward overwriting and melodrama. Her suggestions for deepening character and plot never overpower the author's personal sense of vision and story. Without her critical eye and emotional support, I doubt my transition from writing nonfiction to penning a novel would reach fruition.
—Mark Boultinghouse, author, THE SILVERSMITHS, JEWELERS, WATCH AND CLOCKMAKERS OF KENTUCKY, 1785-1900 (Private Printing, Chicago, 1982); and, published in SILVERSMITHS in THE KENTUCKY ENCYCLOPEDIA (University of Kentucky Press, 1992)

   At the Wildacres Writers Conference in North Carolina, I took Janice's workshop. She asked us to do a few writing exercises/prompts. Writing in this way, and sharing with the class, were new experiences for me. Janice made it feel very positive and supportive. Pieces of those workshop prompts - a man having a strange bed partner and a couple having a fight - became scenes in a story recently accepted for publication by SLOW TRAINS LITERARY JOURNAL.

   Janice has helped me refine my writing through her very thorough line edits and critiques. She's honest. If something isn't working, she'll say so and why. Most of all, I've appreciated her pushing me to the next level, to dig deeper and add more dimension to my characters, setting, and everything else that drives a good story.

* * *

Here's what fellow writing teachers have to say about Janice...

   Janice Eidus brings the best of all worlds to the Creative Writing Workshop. She is a perceptive reader, a visionary writer, and best of all, a mentor who speaks, not just from her professional experiences, but from that most important resource of all – the heart.
—Karen Salyer McElmurray, Writer-in-Residence, Berry College, and author, THE STRANGE BIRDS IN THE TREE OF HEAVEN (Hill Street Press)

   Janice Eidus is a generous, good-humored and forthcoming teacher who can lift the spirits of struggling writers with her extensive writing and publishing experiences. She can also improvise to accommodate the individual's interests in a workshop by inspiring one who is tentative to begin a story, one in the middle of a novel, and one seeking an agent. In the festivals I've offered, writers have flocked to hear her speak because she makes the writing life universal in its dimensions.
—Amy Holman, Director, Publishing Seminars, POETS & WRITERS, INC.

   Janice Eidus's reading and workshop, as part of my campus's Visiting Writers Series (VWS), was engaging, thought-provoking, and exhilarating. Participants in her writing workshop were particularly invigorated by her innovative approach to teaching writing and impressed by her personable, yet highly professional, manner. Indeed, as coordinator of the VWS, I must say that hers was one of the most moving visits we've had in our highly successful campus – and community-based literary program since I began facilitating it in 1994. It is superior writers – and simultaneously skilled teachers of writing – like Janice who maintain and extend our reputation for excellence. She has a true gift – both as writer and master teacher – and her generous relations with audiences and workshop participants is a model for us all.
—George Kalamaras, Associate Professor of English and Coordinator of the Visiting Writers Series, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

   Janice Eidus sets her students afire with the kind of enthusiasm they'll need for the long haul of creative writing. She's gifted with both extraordinary editorial savvy and a generous spirit. She's seen my own fiction and creative nonfiction through to their best realizations with kindness, honesty, and absolute faith when my own failed.
—Susan Thames, author, I'LL BE HOME LATE TONIGHT (Villard Books); member of Columbia University's Creative Writing Faculty

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