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oxford book of jewish stories
Edited by Ilan Stavans

In this remarkably wide-ranging anthology, Ilan Stavans has collected the work of more than fifty notable Jewish writers from around the globe, weaving these diverse viewpoints and voices into a rich portrait of Jewish literary tradition.

THE OXFORD BOOK OF JEWISH STORIES takes us from the mid-1800s right up to the present, encompassing the full spectrum of Jewish writing around the world. The variety of tales captured here is stunning. What emerges in the end is—that the Jews may have many languages and a dozen echoes in foreign tongues, but only one literature. And it is one of the finest in the world.

The many marvelous tales the fill THE OXFORD BOOK OF JEWISH STORIES affirm that a shared identity can exist without sterile uniformity—and that writers can engage their religious and cultural heritage without losing touch with those rich, complex ambiguities that inhabit the heart.

Janice Eidus

I met Elvis for the first time in the deli across the street from the elevated line on White Plains Road and Pelham Parkway in the Bronx. Elvis was the only other customer besides me. He was sitting at the next table. I could tell it was him right away, even though he was dressed up as a Hasidic Jew. He was wearing a yarmulke on top of his head, and a lopsided, shiny black wig with long payes on the sides that drooped past his chin, a fake-looking beard to his collarbone, and a shapeless black coat, which couldn't hide his paunch, even sitting down. His skin was as white as flour, and his eyes looked glazed, as though he spent far too much time indoors. (excerpt from the short story, ELVIS, AXL, & ME)

© Janice Eidus

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