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Edited by Melvin Jules Bukiet

NEUROTICA, a collection of fiction by some of our most revered and depraved writers, reflects the abundant varieties of one people's sexual experience in all its manifestations—glorious, erotic, neurotic.

"To the extent that craving is the human condition and commentary the Jewish position, the stories in NEUROTICA capture a wide range of sexual experiences while also probing conflicts and enduring connections between the sexes.... It includes straight sex, gay sex, married and unmarried sex, satisfied and frustrated sex, guilty and innocent sex, carnal, platonic, and pathetic sex. Some of the stories are graphic, some ethereal, some hilarious, some tragic." (from the Introduction by Bukiet)

NEUROTICA provides entry into the intimate dreams and imaginations of this one particular tribe in a form that can be appreciated by anyone of any faith—or no faith—who has ever had or wished to have sex.

Janice Eidus

Sipping my coffee, I stared surreptitiously at Elvis, amazed that he was alive and pretending to be a Hasidic Jew on Pelham Parkway. Unlike all those Elvis-obsessed women who made annual pilgrimages to Graceland and who'd voted on the Elvis postage stamp, I'd never particularly had a thing for Elvis. Elvis just wasn't my type. He was too goody-goody for me. Even back when I was a little girl and I'd watch him swiveling his hips on the Ed Sullivan Show, I could tell that, underneath, he was just an All-American Kid. (excerpt from the short story, ELVIS, AXL, & ME)

© Janice Eidus

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