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faithful rebecca
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In this wildly erotic, magical and comic novel of fast-paced suspense, Rebecca, a modern day Scarlett O'Hara from New York City, embarks on an impassioned search for her infant daughter, Lily, and Lily's kidnapper. Her quest leads to a mountaintop community of women emulating mythical Amazon warriors where Rebecca is reunited with both Lily, being raised as an Amazon, and Sagana, formerly Rebecca's devoted best friend and now the passionate, fierce, and beautiful Amazon queen. She also meets the equally memorable Howard Geller, a wisecracking, romantic, runaway teenager living on the fringe of the community. This many-leveled contemporary fable incorporates such motifs as personal ads and female bodybuilding, while asking difficult questions about women's roles as friends, lovers, mothers and daughters.

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   Janice Eidus...possesses a fierce imagination; the book's surrealistic edge is inventive and darkly amusing...
—THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW auspicious debut for a writer with a distinctive voice and an original world-view...

   Eidus displays a wonderful ear...

   ...sometimes funny, sometimes chilling...

   ...a fast-paced...contemporary fable...

   Eidus' style is witty and unpretentious, with a surrealistic edge that is never out of control. Her descriptions of Rebecca's fantasies and sensations are sensuous and erotic...Her novel is thoroughly modern.

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