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   Janice with her daughter. Click on photo to see a larger version.   

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THE LAST JEWISH VIRGIN is the latest book... read about it here and read an excerpt here. (PDF)

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News . . .

Janice's essay "MY MOTHER/MY WRITING: TURNING CHILDHOOD MEMORIES INTO FICTION" about her relationship to her mother and its effect upon her writing—particularly THE WAR OF THE ROSENS, appears in Mother's Union.

Janice's poems, "VIRGIN ISLANDS" and "LAMENT WRITTEN IN HIGH SCHOOL" will appear in Many Mountains Moving in 2011.

A group of Janice's poems, and one piece of "short-short" creative nonfiction, all linked by worldview and humor, will appear together as a feature in Chiron Review.

In the Fall, Ebibliotekos will present an interview with Janice about her writing process, history, life, passions—and more.

Janice's humorous short story, "THERE IS A WAR," about the ups and downs of parenting, will appear in Gargoyle Magazine in 2011.

One of Janice's favorite creative writing exercises—for use with all ages and levels—appears in CREATIVE WRITING DEMYSTIFIED, by Sheila Bender.

Janice's short story, "A BISEL THIS, A BISEL THAT," appears in PROMISED LANDS: NEW JEWISH AMERICAN FICTION ON LONGING AND BELONGING, edited by Derek Rubin, is being published by Brandeis University Press.

Janice's essay, "GUILT FREE, AT LAST," about celebrating her Guatemalan-born adopted daughter's Jewish identity, appears in HUMANISTIC JUDAISM'S special issue, "NEW PERSPECTIVES ON JEWISH GUILT."

Janice's poem, SINGING IN UNION, about her parents' love for the music of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and Paul Robeson, appears in the online magazine, "SHAKING LIKE A MOUNTAIN."

Janice's essay, THE COLOR OF CINNAMON, covers a lot of territory: her curious dislike of housekeeping; her fierce love for her daughter who is adopted from Guatemala; her deep connection to the country of Mexico; and more ... It appeared first in DIRT: WRITERS ON THE QUIRKS, HABITS, AND PASSIONS OF KEEPING HOUSE, an anthology edited by Mindy Lewis and published by SEAL PRESS. Next it was reprinted with the title, GRINGA GUILT & HOUSEKEEPING, in the frankly feminist Jewish magazine, LILITH. And now it is published again in COMMON BOUNDARY, an anthology about immigration and international adoption.

Janice's essay, "LIKE LOVERS," about her feisty mother, will be reprinted in DUTIFUL DAUGHTERS, an anthology edited by Pat MacEnulty, forthcoming from THE FEMINIST PRESS.

Janice's magical realist story about writers and writing, "THE MURDER OF JUANITA APPEL" has been reprinted in the anthology, THE WORST BOOK I EVER READ, published by Automedia Books.

THE WAR OF THE ROSENS won a Silver Medal in the 2008 Independent Publisher Book IPPY Award in Religion.

Janice's short essay about her journey toward celebrating a secular Passover with her family appears on JBooks:

Two of Janice's poems about love and the female body are beautifully illustrated on: &


Janice's essay, THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL, about her newfound, taboo desire for money (for reasons that may surprise you), appears in DESIRE: WOMEN WRITE ABOUT WANTING, an anthology edited by Lisa Solod Warren, published by Seal Press.

Janice's essay LIKE LOVERS, about her relationship with her mother, appears in THE MOVABLE NEST: A MOTHER/DAUGHTER COMPANION, an anthology edited by Marilyn Kallet and Kathryn Stripling Byer, published by Helicon Nine Press.

Janice's essay, TROUBLEMAKERS, a bittersweet, humorous exploration of the way her Jewish identity intersects with her identity as a writer, has been published by JEWISH CURRENTS magazine.

Read Janice's humorous essay, THE BEST AUTHORITY, about a young girl trying to make sense of her Jewish identity, in

Janice's story, ELVIS, AXL, AND ME, a funny rock & roll fantasy, with a lot of reality and Jewish humor mixed in—appears in WICKED, edited by Mitzi Szereto, just out from CLEIS PRESS, and in SCRIBBLERS ON THE ROOF: Contemporary Jewish Fiction, edited by Melvin Jules Bukiet and David Roskies, from PERSEA BOOKS.

Janice's essay, BABY LUST, about her experience of September 11, 2001, as a downtown New Yorker, living close to World Trade Center, originally published in 110 STORIES: NEW YORK WRITES AFTER SEPTEMBER 11, (New York University Press), is in WRITING AND PUBLISHING PERSONAL ESSAYS: A GROWER'S GUIDE TO SUCCESS, edited by Sheila Bender. You can also read it on the website of The City Congregation for Humanistic Judaism.

Janice's essay, N0-GOODNICKS, about her long, rocky—sometimes painful, sometimes exhilarating—road to emotional survival (and, perhaps, even to transcendence) is currently featured in ARTS & LETTERS MAGAZINE.

Janice's essay, WE ARE NOT YOUR MOTHER, about one of Janice's pet writing peeves, appears in RULES OF THUMB, an anthology edited by Michael Martone, from F & W PUBLICATIONS.

Janice's story, ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD, about a young woman dealing with an extreme case of ennui, appears in UP IS UP, BUT SO IS DOWN: New York's Downtown Literary Scene, 1974-1992, edited by Brandon Stosuy, a collection of texts and images from NEW YORK UNIVERSITY PRESS.

Janice's story, CRUISE CONTROL, about a deeply compelling love affair, is in STIRRING UP A STORM: TALES OF THE SENSUAL, THE SEXUAL, AND THE EROTIC, edited by Marilyn Jaye Lewis, from THUNDER'S MOUTH PRESS.

Janice's sensual and humorous story, THE PING-PONG VAMPIRE, (originally published in her story collection, THE CELIBACY CLUB), is in SEX & LAUGHTER, an anthology from SAMBA PRESS.

Janice's essay, CLASS BARBIE, about Barbie and other dolls, as well as friendship, loss, and love, is now up on the ARTS & LETTERS: JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY CULTURE'S website.

Janice's O. Henry prize-winning short story, VITO LOVES GERALDINE, is in BEHIND THE SHORT STORY: FROM FIRST TO FINAL DRAFT, edited by Ryan G. VanCleave and Todd James Pierce, from Longman Press. In addition, Janice offers insights into the process of writing VITO LOVES GERALDINE -- especially about how a Jewish girl from the Bronx entered the mind of an Italian-American girl.

Janice's quirky short story, THE CYCLIST, about mood swings and re-invention of self, appears in SUDDEN STORIES: A MAMMOTH ANTHOLOGY OF MINISCULE FICTION, edited by Dinty Moore, from Mammoth Books.

Janice's short story, THE ART OF FORGIVENESS: A FABLE, a gentle, fable-like tale, originally published in Janice's short story collection, THE CELIBACY CLUB, appears in EXTREME FICTION, co-edited by Michael Martone and Robin Hemley, from Longman Press.

PART TWO OF JANICE'S INTERVIEW on is now up, joining PART ONE. In both parts, she answers questions about her writing process, the differences between fiction and nonfiction, and all sorts of other things related to writing and the writer's life. In addition, samples of Janice's writing appear on this site.

Read an interview with fiction writer DAVID BECKMAN on the experience of working closely with Janice as his WRITING MENTOR on

Janice conducts private writing tutorials on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in consulting with her, you may email her at

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